Art photography

The Soul Identity has many colours... beauty, joy, sadness, eroticism, coldness, excitement, closed eyes and pain... photography is a mirror. The soul comes out in the meeting between dreams and reality, where reality is the sound of the heart, the fears, the surprise of ethereal light or the magic of the water. Searching soul identity is to see our fears and hidden desires and to accept them to enjoy them. The model is the alter ego of our inner soul, the whiteboard of our dreams. Photography is the instrument and thanks to it we sink deep into the heart and mind. To create visions. A vision of us. All of this will be the Experience Pro “Soul Identity”.

LOCATION: Sofia COUNTRY: Bulgaria DURATION: Basic - 1 week / Advanced - 1 week / Basic+Advanced - 2 weeks TEACHER: Mira Nedyalkova 

For info and enrollment: / 0039 0971 51794  

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