PHOTOGRAPHY AS A LANGUAGE Fear, instinct and emotion

Street photography

A beautiful photo may not be enough. It reproduces the image of a fragment of time. It can be beautiful, or extremely beautiful. But it can only be, simply, a moment stolen from time. A place, a face, a landscape, is history, emotion, and an accumulation of time too. Photography is a language and language is the instrument to tell a story. Real shooting is risky and is normal, or better still, it's great to be afraid. There are no good or bad photographs but only points of view. You don’t have to feel you’re a photographer before you shoot but you have to feel, simply, as a human being who respects himself and others. You do not have to shoot other human beings as objects but you need to think that they are organic, alive, contradictory. That they are energy and creativity. The magic of a photo is not only in what it says but also in what it makes you imagine. The key to describe the world is within us; we only have to find it. A real picture is less thought and more connection with the instinct, the light and the emotion. We must open ourselves to the experience and to the world and get rid of the existential baggage we carry with us. With Experience Pro “Photography as a language - Fear, instinct and emotion” we will learn all of this and much more.

LOCATION: Sofia / Malaga / Portsmouth / Bournemouth / Cork / Berlin / Rimini COUNTRY: Bulgaria / Spain / UK / Ireland / Germany / Italy DURATION: 1 week TEACHER: Luciano Marino 

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